Airport Services

Banking / ATM / Currency Exchange at the Sunport

ATMs are accessible throughout the Sunport's main passenger terminal building on 2ndand 3rdlevels.

Baggage Carts / Skycap at the ABQ

Baggage Carts are accessible and provided via the Sunport at the baggage claim area. The Skycap at ABQ offers service which is available in the departures area. Skycap assistants can help with the transportation of the luggage to the check-in counters; they also help with curbside check-in procedures to avoid ticket queues and has special assistance for passengers with individual needs. The service offers wheelchair transportation to and from the terminal gates.

Mail and Package Drop at the Sunport

For the passengers’ convenience, the ABQ Sunport provides U.S. postal mailbox and FedEx envelope package box, located outside the main passenger terminal on the east end of the ticketing level (2ndlevel).

Internet Access / Free Wi-Fi

Free wireless internet is accessible throughout the terminal.

Meditation Room at the Sunport

Air travelers commuting via the Sunport can spend some quiet time and use the Meditation Room Service. The Albuquerque Aviation Department furnished and renovated the space with upholstered benches. Regularly, no formal worship services are scheduled; the area is just used from time to time for religious ceremonies. Most of the time, the Meditation room is used to rest from the hustles and bustles of the airport.